Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Hardware and staff located?

We reserve the right to maintain cryptocurrencies mining activity using our own hardware or renting third-party mining equipment, inside our own facilities, or hire third-party facilities at our sole discretion.
Our Main Office is located in London and our team members are distributed abroad.

Do you have your own mining pool (P2Pool)?

No. Our miners can connect up to thwo well known, reliable and respectful mining pools (and we can switch them for better profit):

For SHA-256:
1. Antpool
2. F2Pool

For Scrypt:
The mining is ceased because it is unprofitable.

Can I change the pool by myself?

No. Our proprietary software switches between pools automatically for the best profit.

What are the fees involved?

The maintenance fee (to cover electricity cost on our hardware) is applied as follow:

1 GH/s S9:  0.00025 USD / day
1 GH/s S7:  0.00050 USD / day
1 GH/s: (unprofitable)  0.00360 USD / day
1 MH/s: (unprofitable)  0.10000 USD / day

A withdraw fee of is applied for all currencies as follow:
BTC:  0.0010
LTC:  0.1000
DOGE:  10.0000

ATTENTION: Unfounded amount review requests or ticket abuse are chargeable of 0.01 BTC each and subjected up to 48 hours. Please make your calculations before submitting a ticket for analysis.

What if I want to stop mining? Can I sell my Hashes?

Yes! You can sell your Hash Power within our Trading Platform at any time.